About Us

Who we are

Law and Society Alliance is an independent Indian national growth organisation providing legal and knowledge intervention on issues that need study and research, data mining and analysis, and prolonged ground work – matters such as National Security, Human Rights, Terrorism, Narcotics, Legal Reforms, Legislative Reforms, Financial Inclusion, Economic Growth, and all walks of human activity aimed at development, modern standards of living, and cultural moorings of humanism.

Law and Society Alliance encourages dialogue and interaction between those in government and the civil society, aimed at fostering a cooperative work culture for the common good of national growth. In this effort, Law and Society Alliance bring its network of experienced lawyers, journalists, businessmen and business houses, chartered accountants, trade and commerce experts, government officials, former bureaucrats and diplomats, former police and military officers, and independent corporate professionals and CEOs to the table.

What we do

Law and Society Alliance carries out policy intervention and advocacy on matters of national importance; campaigns on social and national issues for generating, influencing, and sustaining public opinions and sentiments; ground work for direct intervention to help society overcome obstacles in its growth and attaining national development objectives, for promoting social harmony and peace; and organise activities that help the nation touch pinnacle of glory and emerge as a benign global power.

To achieve these objectives, Law and Society Alliance organises strategically designed conclaves under Chatham House rules as thought leadership exchanges, where lawmakers, government officials, policymakers, academicians, corporate, stakeholders, and activists gather to debate topics thoroughly leading to meaningful outcomes; closed door discussions on specific topics where no holds barred open exchange of views and ideas are encouraged so that real issues and tangible solutions are worked out by the who’s who connected to the theme of discussion; and open house panel discussions that are reportable by media.

Law and Society Alliance also publishes Books, White Papers, Policy Papers, Research Papers, Monographs, Issue Briefs, Confidential Reports for the eyes of those who connected with the subject for further action, all based on its research work and field study.

Board of Trustees

Chairman and Founding Trustee

N. C. Bipindra
Chairman and Founding Trustee

N. C. Bipindra has been a journalist for over two decades, with special interest in aerospace, defence and national security.

During his journalistic career, he has established strong relationships with politicians, government officials and officers from the armed forces, paramilitary organisations and police across India.

Bipindra is also a qualified lawyer and practices law at the High Court of Delhi. He has valuable experience as a serial entrepreneur.

Secretary-General and Founding Trustee

H. Kumar Vaidyanathan
Secretary General and Founding Trustee

H. Kumar Vaidyanathan is a practicising advocate in the High Court of Bombay, with over two decades of experience. He specialises in labour laws.

He is also an active member of the Bharat Vikas Parishad and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Swami Ayyappa Seva Samajam for Konkan Region.

He is also a well-sought after public speaker and a trainer.

Treasurer and Managing Trustee

Rashmi Sharma
Treasurer and Managing Trustee

Rashmi Sharma is an educationist and vocational skills trainer, with keen interest in ensuring financial inclusion of the poorest of the poor.

She has worked among young girls from the villages of Punjab and Haryana, providing and training them with job skills that has changed their economic status.

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